Quooker boiling water tap – approved suppliers

rtf are approved quooker suppliers for london and south-east england

save energy and water…

RTF are approved suppliers of Quooker boiling water taps. Quooker specialise in efficient and environmentally-friendly boiling water taps. RTF can supply the full range of Quooker products to customers across London and the Home Counties.

Quooker’s high-vacuum insulation system means the cost of having boiling water on demand is just 3p a day. Quooker’s COMBI tank option allows you to generate both hot and boiling water under your worktop, eliminating the need to pipe hot water from your main boiler.

we can assist in planning your kitchen

Not only are we approved Quooker suppliers, we also have over 20 years of experience in designing and fitting kitchens. We have full knowledge of Quooker appliances and can integrate that within your design solution. We supply Quooker appliances to London and the home counties.

why Quooker?

  • the tap instantly provides boiling water
  • each unit has a child-proof handle and insulated sides
  • COMBI boiler eliminate need to pipe water from main boiler to kitchen appliances
  • Options include: 100°C boiling, hot, cold and sparkling drinking water

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